The quality of a technical translation increases with the degree of specialization

For this reason, BW Übersetzungsdienst primarily focuses on the following special fields:

  • IT and computer engineering 
  • Software localizations (online helps, user interfaces etc.) 
  • Telecommunication, networks 
  • Telecommunications/communications engineering 
  • Electrical installation/power engineering 
  • Measuring/control technique 
  • Patent law for technical applications 
  • Medical engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Industrial plant/machine tool construction 
  • Agricultural and construction machinery 
  • Mining, metallurgy 
  • Welding techniques, metal working 
  • Tank/pipeline construction 
  • Hydraulics 
  • Materials technology, test procedures, chemistry 
  • Production engineering, quality assurance

Conscientiously, efficiently, and reliably - I provide you with translations of: 

  • Workplace descriptions 
  • Specifications, technical descriptions 
  • Hardware/software manuals 
  • Operating instructions 
  • Product descriptions, data sheets 
  • Marketing materials like website texts etc. 
  • Correspondence, economical and contractual texts 

Close cooperation is one of the foundations of your and my success.

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