Language services for the world’s most popular languages

At BW Übersetzungsdienst, it’s all about you and your extraordinary success on the international market. Benefit from my rich experience and expertise and make use of the following services:

We bank on quality, service and strict confidentiality.


In the working languages German, English, French and Spanish for the mentioned special fields and text types.

Editing and revision of texts

Correction and update of existing text documents 

Consulting and advice

  • In preparing text documents and correspondence 
  • In communicating on the international market 
  • In supporting and guiding your international business partners 

Technical documentation

Preparation of technical documentation (e.g. manuals) 


BW Übersetzungsdienst does your translations for the following languages and language directions:

  • English ↔ German 
  • French ↔ German 
  • Spanish ↔ German.  

Each handling process – from process management to the observance of completion dates and quality assurance – is closely monitored.

All relevant DIN EN ISO standards are taken into consideration

for assuring an on-time and precise processing of your projects. 


Apart from the common office and project management applications, the following tools are used: 


CAT and translation memory software:


Wordfast Professional


Translation management:

SDL Worldserver


Terminology management:

SDL Multiterm

And when time is of the essence...

...I fall back on a network of experienced translators having the same qualification. In this way, even large projects are professionally handled in a rapid, on-time and high-quality manner.